Healtcare Department

  • Best Location

    Location is one of the important thing you have to think about when you are starting healthcare project, we will advise you finding the correct location, based on your targeted segment

     Initiate feasibility study and determine best location

  • Physical Facility

    Study the physical facility plans and recommend any modifications and interior design

    We work with our partners in hospital layout to establish a hospital development plan that incorporates all elements that will make the delivery of services a success.

    Our procedures and core skills in construction projects and cost management ensures that the control of budgets, quality and schedules are managed proactively to guarantee project success.

  • Company Registration

    Apply for and obtain all required permits, certifications and licenses
  • Medical Equipment

    Recommend the proper Equipment, Furnishing and Technology for the practice

    Through our own medical equipment planning and procurement department, we can provide the specification and procurement of medical equipment and help you select the best possible option.

  • Medical Staff Members

    Identify and select qualified professional and support Staff members, and provide onsite training

     Our comprehensive hospital human capital management services are designed to develop and implement effective HR best practices that supports your business strategy

     We help eliminate time-consuming processes, and reduce and control functional costs so that you can free up internal resources for other important commitments and focus on your business core. We also aim to help achieve and maintain organizational conditions that enable innovation, increased profitability and high performance.

  • Financial Planning

    Provide detailed cost schedule and comprehensive Financial Planning

    Financial Planning is one of the most important things, in the healthcare projects many items are built on top of each other, keeping this in our mind to ensure that the project will move smoothly and all the vendors will find the prerequisites ready to move on without delay 
  • Office Procedures

    Establish professional Office Manual including Office Procedures and Regulations

  • Marketing Plan

    Design and implement initial marketing plan